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RANDOM PLAYS.. Could this be altered?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe Josh Burke

2005-09-18 21:08:01

RANDOM PLAYS.. Could this be altered?


Would you consider changing random play so that every track within a
directory gets played before any song is played twice?

This could be of great value... I'm a little concerned that certain tracks
are being played again and again while others don't get played.

YOUR help is always appreciated.
Sincerely, Josh

Wolfgang Loch

2005-09-20 21:08:03

Re: RANDOM PLAYS.. Could this be altered?

The "random track" feature will randomly select a file from the given directory. The advantage is that it will automatically recognize new or removed files in that directory.

Another option for random tracks are rotation files. Create a playlist with songs from a selected genre, sshuffle the playlist and save it as rotation (*.rotation) file. You can add this rotation to the master playlist. Rotations ensure that all songs play once before they repeat.

For a more advanced automation solution, we recommend the Raduga playlist creator "AirList".

Yet another option are "Auto Playlists" created with Windows Media Player. On the "Library" page of Media Player 9 or 10 you can define certain rules for playlists. You can open these auto playlists (*.wpl) with Raduga.


2005-09-23 20:47:30

mas songs ' fade out......

i am looking for a program of mass change of the songs' fade out in Raduga 3.8.
Thank you
for all


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