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Something I Have Noticed...

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Pete Chapman at Link Radio

2005-09-25 15:13:12

Something I Have Noticed...

Our Raduga system has been running without flaw since January 2004, over this time we have looked at developing schedules and worked with it more and more.

Since the very tricky and expensive introduction of a PC radio clock, the system seems a bit random as to whether it plays scheduled items, it may not play them and not expire them meaning the same programme comes round again.... I have noticed on the message board, a couple of people with similar ‘brushed over’ posts

I may add the setting up of the radio clock was and is very hard to get working because of the massive prominence of Raduga (something in the settings that means Raduga always takes priority over any other software, and this cannot be changed). We still haven’t achieved the results we want.

The technical team have tried for many hours to re-create the scheduled items that didn’t play and see them fail, but as of yet we haven’t managed this.

As I said it’s very random.


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