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Add-ins and "User"-account in XP

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2005-11-03 12:43:57

Add-ins and "User"-account in XP

Is there a way to make Raduga run add-in-scripts when Windows's user account is set to "Users" or "Guests"?
(I know it works fine with "Administrators" and PowerUsers" accounts, but they are not an option)


Windows XP Pro
Raduga v3.8.1 & v3.8.7

merivaldo porto

2005-11-04 10:58:28

Re: Add-ins and

eu pressiso


2005-11-09 03:23:43

Re: Add-ins and "User"-account in XP

Any ideas?
Am I really the only one who is having this problem?!?


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