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Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-03-07 15:20:56

Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

Hi Wolfgang,

I'v tested my computer configuration with DSPlay and codec is the same included in your screenshot, but... sometimes Raduga shutting down. :( I use CBR Mp3s (192 Kb/s.) and wave Jingles. What can I do for solve this problem? Thanks

Bye! :)

Wolfgang Loch

2002-03-08 12:13:00

Re: Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

Hi LuK,

So far I have no idea what could be wrong. For further diagnostics you should enable the Raduga log file. When the problem occurs the next time, please answer the questions on the bug report form (see left) and send me the log file, your playlist and scheduled events.


2002-03-08 15:18:08

Re: Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

Ok Wolfgang. A little information for you: the crash always occur after raduga plaing one (WAVE) short Jingle (2 sec.). Is this a problem (bug)?



2002-03-10 16:38:59

Re: Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

I wanted to check DirectX plugin's possibilities and downloaded 3.5 demo, I installed Raduga few times on two machines under Win ME and every time after experimenting with plugins I\ve got:

Raduga has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL
and than,

Raduga will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer

Computer is PII on 450MHz, 128 MB



2002-03-12 05:47:05

Re: Kernel32.dll

Having the same problem as Dragon. Anytime I try to load a plug in...I get Raduga has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL ... when you click OK it says RADUGA WILL NOW SHUT DOWN. Any reason for this????

Wolfgang Loch

2002-03-12 11:29:32

Re: Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

Raduga has been tested with DirectX plug-ins from FA-Soft and db-audioware. This page contains links to these companies:

Not all DirectX on the market plug-ins work perfectly with Raduga. Please tell me if you found a plug-in which does not work. You may also inform the vendor of these plug-ins to inform them about the incompatibilities.

Dragan Nikolic

2002-03-20 11:05:35

Re: Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

Hi Judy,
Try it on Win 2000 or XP, it works without any problems.


2002-03-20 14:16:15

Re: Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

Dragon...I'm using Win 2000. Raduga LOCKS UP when I click on plug-ins. It runs fine if I dont try to click on PLUG-IN...but I was wanting to hear it with a compressor.

Andre Depre

2002-03-23 11:15:02

Re: Raduga 3.5 Shutting Down

Hi Judy,

After I used Norton System Works 2002 to check and repair some errors in my Windows 2000 operating system, it seems that the problem with Raduga suddenly closing (because of memory running out?) is also repaired by Norton. (Knock on wood...)

Andre Depre,

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