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Lenght playlist

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Radio Bonheur

2002-04-11 02:33:28

Lenght playlist

There is a bug when i want to calcul lenght of a playlist (L on keyboard).
This problem appears only when the lenght is more than 70 hours. (at 70 h 30 m and 5 s).

Here is the bug rapport :
" Raduga a causé une défaillance de page dans le module inconnu à : 6482133
EAX=0069f788 CS=0167 EIP=64821333 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=0069f788 SS=016f ESP=005a0038
ECX=005a00dc DS=016f ESI=8192826c FS=2b5f
EDX=bff76855 ES=016f EDI=005a0104 GS=0000 octets à CS:EIP:
Etat de la pile
bff76849 005a0104 0069f788 005a0120 005a00dc
005a0210 bff76855 0069f788 005a00ec ff87fe9
005a0104 0069f788 005a0120 005a00dc 6481333
005a02c8 "

Many tanks

Wolfgang Loch

2002-04-11 12:27:08

Re: Lenght playlist

I just built a playlist consisting of 1609 songs and Raduga calculated a total duration of 107 hours 15 minutes and 38 seconds. This test was run on Windows XP without using any DirectX plug-ins.

Radio Bonheur

2002-04-12 05:25:08

Re: Lenght playlist

I'm using W98SE. I think it's only a satck overflow problem...

Many thanks

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