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flat tool buttons

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Florida Public Radio

2002-05-06 13:59:11

flat tool buttons

Wolfgang: please let us have our "raised buttons" back in 3.6!

PS love the Rotation file. We've gotten two upgrades so far, but got used to and like the flat/raised button option that you took out in 3.6


Wolfgang Loch

2002-05-07 15:19:30

Re: flat tool buttons

I think I removed that option, because it looked old-fashioned on Windows XP or maybe did not work at all with raised buttons.

Why is that important to you?

Florida Public Radio

2002-05-20 16:49:38

Re: flat tool buttons

It's just that buttons should look like buttons. When they are flat, they are too concealed. Your eye has to imagine the button outline.

And some of us got used to buttons.

Help if you can.

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