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New Version

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2001-10-10 23:53:30

New Version

Hello Wolfgang!
Is there any news on new version of Raduga regarding what will be included and release-schedule.

Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-11 09:46:21

What's in Raduga 3.5?

Upload track information to Live365
Random tracks from a given directoy
Automated loading of events and jinge sets
Schedulable jingles
Joystick control for Play, Stop, Next and Break buttons

Minor improvements:
Playlist length calculation during playback
Unified options dialog
Resizing events dialog
Sound card selection
New menu item 'Playlist|Add Stop Command'
Set overlap point using the tilde key
Support for M3U and PLS playlist formats


2001-10-15 00:29:01

Re: New Version

When will ver. 3.5 be available and will there be an upgrade cost for me with a ver. 3 licence?

Thanks for the fast answer on last question!

Chuck Conrad

2001-10-16 09:22:19

Re: New Version

I see that there are several different "new" versions of Raduga at various price points. Could you be more specific about the diferences? If I buy the curent version of 3.1 for $599 right now (before October 31, 2001), it looks like I get a "free" upgrade to 3.5, which might make getting my credit card out right now seem like a good idea. Which version does it upgrade to?

I want to use Raduga for a new LPFM station, which I've applied to the FCC for. Your demo has convinced me that Raduga is very stable and easy to use. It's at the top of my list of programs I've tried.

Since there are no others contesting my frequency, I will probably eventually get the license but nothing is certain until a CP is actually granted. Anything could happen. If I get the license, I've got no problem with spending $600 for a good automation program such as yours, but the idea of spending that amount to just "play radio station" on my stereo doesn't seem to be a very good idea.

I know that my problem isn't yours, but having a little more information about the various new versions might make the decision process a little easier.

Chuck Conrad
Chalk Hill Educational Media, Inc.

BTW: I like your new massage board!

Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-16 09:44:59

Re: New Version

Please visit http://www.wolosoft.com/en/raduga/editions.html for an overwiev anput the different editions. Note that these prices are only valid until 1st November. If you order before 1st November, you will get a free update and save $50.

Ron van Meijer

2001-10-16 10:14:31

Re: New Version

Wolfgang, wich version will be
available for download (tryout)?

With regards

Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-16 10:56:36

Re: New Version

There will be a special Demo version available for free download. The demo version has all features of the Universal Radio Edition, but with the following limitations:
- it does not accept a license key
- it shows "DEMO" in the title bar
- it plays a Raduga jingle at random times
- it does not store your preference settings persistently
There is no 30-minute limitation anymore and therefore you won't need a demo key for evaluation.


2001-10-19 07:33:29

Re: New Version

Wolflang ,when the version 3.5 demo vill be aviable? And what version it will be :Basic,Live Assist,Full automation or Universial???

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