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Upgrade issues

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2001-10-21 23:32:10

Upgrade issues

If I buy Universial Version and later detects that I need professional version. Is there any way of upgrading beetween the two versions?
Is there also any way of seeing how difficult it is using the SDK in professional version i.e. exampels or demos showing the use of the SDK or manuals describing the functionality exposed by the SDK?

Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-22 14:31:02

Re: Upgrade issues

You can upgrade later from Universal edition to the Professional edition by paying the price difference.

I can assure you that using the SDK is very staightforward. Currently I'm preparing samples and documentation. But there will be no free evaluation version.

> What can you tell me about the SDK? What kind of
> capabilities does it have?

The SDK provides access to the following functions:
- Query player status (song position and duration)
- Control playback (play, stop, pause, next)
- Play jingles
- Enable/Disable Scheduled Events
- Get playlist information (track names, selection)
- Modify the playlist (add/remove tracks)
- Display a message box
- Display text in a dockable window

In addition to that Raduga fires an event whenever a new song is started. You can catch this event and do whatever you want.

> What kind of add-ins can it be used to create?

For example you you could upload a file to the web server whenever a new song is started. The file may contain a history of previously played songs or a list of upcoming songs or both.

You can also build a completely new user interface for Raduga that hides critical preference settings from the announcer.

Or you could build a launch pad with more than 9 jingles.

To do this you will need programming skills in HTML and Javascript, VBScript or Perl. For more advanced add-ins I recommend you to use Perl, because JScripot and VBScript have some limitations. For example they don't have FTP functions.


2001-10-22 23:10:31

Re: Upgrade issues

Is it possible to check line in for incoming audio?

Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-23 01:38:03

Re: Upgrade issues

Not with the SDK. But you can use any 3rd party ActiveX controls or write your own.

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