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2001-10-23 05:48:27


Hi Bill,

Please can you tell me what mean; spot item type?
And time periods?
I am new at this so please tell me.
Is Spot item type for jingles?

I hope you will explain. We are a very small station. But maybe if this one is good we will buy it after the 21 runs. Thats why i wanna no what it means.


2001-10-23 10:26:55

Re: Playlister

Dear Bill,

I have also have a question to you Bill.
Everytime i import new records in Playlister i lose all the id tag, you know artist and tittle, that i have brought into Playlister. Only the filename last. Maybe you can tell me witch program i can use to let those id tag stay in Playlister.

ps. i love Playlister. It take lotts of work out of my hands.

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