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What I'm missing

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Eric van Brabel

2003-03-22 02:54:04

What I'm missing


After testing Raduga 3.6 ;

What I'm missing;

1) Different user levels ;
A dj has different rights (only use the system to play media and change the current playlist without the possibility to overwrite saved playlists) than an technician (changing audiolevels) or musicdirectors (changing and overwriting playlists) or an administrator (all rights)

2) The overlap should have a db-level adjustment, not only a time adjustment (example ; time is 6 seconds, level is -6 bd, the new track will only be started withing the last 6 seconds of the currently playing song if the level is below -6dB)
(like the very very very good SQRsoft crossfade pluging for Winamp)

3) "time remaing" of currently playing file should be bigger for better reading at longer distance, perhaps also the possibility to choose different colors for background and characters for this item.

4) The "clock" should be bigger, perhaps also the possibility to choose different colors for background and characters for this item.

5) Add an "countdown clock" to an programmed time (example next commercial break, or live sound, or other programmed time) also show what it is counting down to. Perhaps also the possibility to choose different colors for background and characters for this item.

5) Possibility to give the contents (live realtime export)of the "On Air - now playing" to an website.

6) Quickchange for different jinglebanks with (big) buttons.

7) Add a standalone "normalizer"-software to the package for the media files.

8) Option to let the current playing file to stop immediately when a jingle is started.

9) Option to let the current playing jingle to stop immediately when a file/jingle is started.

10) Build in compressor/limitter function

11) When there are files in the playlist which are below a certain qualitylevel (lets say 22 kHz/128kbps orso) show that file in an other color, red orso.

12) make it possible to automatically change to the external input when the inputsignal changes from stereo to mono (and back when it changes from mono to stereo)
This feature would be very handy here in the Netherlands to use as a "news-detector" for inserting newsbulletins, since they are often broadcasted in mono while the other content is in stereo.

When (some) these features will be added to raduga it will be a nice piece of software to use, currently its to limited for me.




2003-03-23 02:22:05

Re: What I'm missing

en daar kan ik me enkel bij aansluiten.

Verder bv. de mogelijkheid om een DAT /MD aan te sluiten op de line-input (evenuteel via menger)en deze ook te starten samen met het openen van de line-in !
Bv via relaiskaartje

The possibility of making connection with an external device like DAT /MD.. on the line-in but also the possibility of starting this external device with relaiscard orso coupled on the joystick or other i/o

Wolfgang Loch

2003-03-23 11:55:23

Re: What I'm missing

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, Eric.

Dirk, I suggest you to take a look at the Raduga SDK (on the download page). It allows you to run automation scripts from the playlist or scheduled events. You can use this to start external programs or control external devices.


2003-04-06 14:44:22

Re: What I'm missing

The best new features:
1. Users levels, very good idea!
2. dB level crossfader option. Should be possible now. I do not like to rename my music! This can be done much better by scanning the volume level.

Other options:
- Stand alone Compressor/limiter or any other effect can be done with a directX plugin and is not needed. But... I would be nice to "capture" this plugin into the main window. This way you can show a VU meter or any other plugin while playing.
- Raduga has an easy to understand interface and funtions and it’s very stable!!! Now is the time to add a “Live DJ mode” interface. Options like : two players, Jog wheel for scratching/rewind/postioning etc. This “live DJ mode” should be an option that can be switched on or off because it changes the whole interface and thinkin of the “old” Raduga interface.

Dirk Roels

2003-04-25 08:46:21

Re: What I'm missing

the possiblility to let persons who visit a webpage on the intranet/internet choose a favorite musictrack and let this choice automatic upload to the raduga playlist/events of let the track insert the playlist on that moment. p.e. choose your favorite track and you'll be hear it on...within 10 minutes...

Chuck Conrad

2003-04-25 09:13:39

Re: What I'm missing

Dirk's idea is very cool. Somehow I doubt that it would be easy to do. Maybe Wolfgang can figure that out.

If it were possible for listeners to request a song via the Internet, it would give a lot of small broadcasters a real "leg up" when it comes to competing with the big guys. Of course, you'd need to add some safeguards to make sure somebody couldn't spam you and request the same song 350 times in a row!


2003-04-26 06:03:07

Re: What I'm missing

Built in 'real feel' voice tracking would also be a big plus!

Dirk roels

2003-04-26 11:26:50

Re: What I'm missing

Yeah Chuck, i think it will be possible to make that safe. p.e. pcradio from CBP (Netherlands) has a controlfunction in his playlist. It's not possible to play two songs from the same artist in the same hour (2 hour,... like you prefer. Maybe a nice thing for Wolfgang to make it work. He's smarter...(i hope)8-))

Ashley-Kenneth Allen

2003-11-20 12:37:27

Re: What I'm missing

Ok my response if from the Radio Programmer side (not the dj on the road or webcaster side). Here is what I agree with that you need to compete with Scott Studios or Prophet Systems.

1) Different user levels - I agree with this. There should be a level for Program Director (with full rights) and a level for Disc Jockeys. I do not want my djs changing schedules, plug ins, fades, etc.

2.) Time Remaining - This countdown should be updated to be the actual time left. Right now I use custom "~0.2" launch numbers at the end of files. Right now it does not subtract the time off the end of the actual time left. Does this make sense?

3.) The "clock" should be bigger. I agree. Just a note, it would also be nice to have something in the program that shows how much time is left for a "ramp" on a song. Currently we mark name our songs like this.
Blink 182 - Adam's Song (20, F)~2.6
What does this mean?
Artist - Song (Ramp Time or Cold Beginning, F or C for fading end or cold end)and the custom time to launch next event.
Is there a way to take that first number and display how long the ramp has left?

4.) Possibility to give the contents (live realtime export)of the "On Air - now playing" to an website. This is needed ASAP. Many broadcast solutions offer this.

5.) Scheduled Events manual launch button.

6.) Traffic Software to work directly with the Scheduled Events Box.

7.) Two options for fading 1. to fade the end of the song and start next event using "~" sign. 2. Keep playing end of song or sweeper over next song by using a different sign "*" with no fade of previous event.

8.) Better integration with Station Playlist and Airlist.

9.) Full Screen Version - So DJ's cannot get to rest of the computer.

Thanks! Once again I love Raduga, but in order to keep us as customers I really need to see some of these upgrades, otherwise we will be moving to Prophet or Scott Studios.

Thank for your immediate attention.
Please email me soon.

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