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Windows XP

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ron van Meijer

2001-10-29 01:06:44

Windows XP

Will the new version of Raduga runs properly under Windows XP ?
At this moment (version 3.1) some tracks begin to soon...the timing is correct, but i miss a part of the begin.

I hope can you'll understand what i mean.


Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-29 09:07:45

Re: Windows XP

I don't have Windows XP yet, but I think I will get it within the next 2 weeks.

What do you mean by "tracks start too soon"?

Ron van Meijer

2001-10-29 10:39:39

Re: Windows XP

The tracks are starting properly, but is mis the first 0.60 seconds,
and it gives no silence between the tracks, but i don't think it's a
Raduga "problem", because i got the same in Windows Media
Player....sorry i was too soon with my question, maybe it's the
Soundblaster Live driver (WDM)

Raduga works very good with WindowsXP Professional.

With regards.

Stephen F. Goffreda

2001-11-12 12:29:38

Re: Windows XP

I've noticed something funny about Windows XP cutting off the beginning of some songs with Windows Media, too. I thought I had a bad mp3, until it happened more than once. Maybe it's just a coincidence. I don't know if it happens with the Raduga demo or anything else.

Ron van Meijer

2001-11-12 22:11:28

Re: Windows XP

It has nothing to do with Raduga, i think you have a soundblaster
live sound-card. Try to open in the Mediaplayer a song, and it
happend again. I've buyed another soundcard (PCI128) and my
'problems' are over. Don't install the drivers from soundblaster
because the trouble begins again. That's my experience.


Goos Mante

2001-12-11 03:23:25

Re: Windows XP

High Ron,

I Run 3.5 now over xp without any probs for more as 4 weeks now also on the administrator and a single user account. I think its the soundcard. I use soundblaster 5.1 and a simple pci soundcard for pre recording on the harddisk without any problem

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