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PFL monitor

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Dennis Em

2001-10-31 22:40:44

PFL monitor

Hello, Wolgang!
Whether probably to make in your program function of preliminary listening songs. So-called PFL Monitor that dj could hear a song before play it. Also, whether probably increase amount of "hot keys", with an opportunity of fast switching between groups. Function "Directory Tree" can be removed, as the window too small and to us is more convenient to use in addition open window with songs or jingles using drag&drop function. Thank.

Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-01 15:19:07

Re: PFL monitor

Regarding the Pre-listen function, maybe you can use the idea from the Tips and Tricks page:

Regarding the jingles, yes I definitely plan to make it easier to select songs and to play jingles. I already have some good ideas for that, but unfortunately I didn't have time to implement them yet.

By the way, using the SDK included in Raduga 3.5 Professional you could also build your own jingle pad. All you need is some basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

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