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2003-06-25 02:46:25


Hi Wolfgang,

I have a folder with several records. I wanna play every record on the top of the hour. I have look in the schedule but you can only pick files not a whole folder.
Or am i overlooking something? Or is there a way the let Raduga choose every hour a new record from that folder?


Wolfgang Loch

2003-06-25 04:54:19

Re: Schedule

You can schedule a random song from a directory with the event scheduler.

1. Select a real file name within the directory, for example "C:\Records\song1.mp3"
2. Remove the file name part and replace it with ".dir". In the example you have "C:\Records.dir".

Now Raduga selects a random file from the C:\Records directory whenever the event fires. Note that there is a chance of repeating the same file. The probability is 1 : number of files.


2003-06-25 12:14:02

Re: Schedule

Hi Wolfgang,

It works fine, no repeating the same file You must take this in your Raduga manual. We play every hour another jingle on the top. Listeners can hear witch artist comes around that hour. We do the same with the promotions-jingles, also no repeating of the same file. This a great trick. Thanks a lott.


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