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dispay names in rotation

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Daryl Taatjes

2003-06-29 19:38:48

dispay names in rotation

My playlists consist mostly of rotations. For instance, a rotation of statler hits then a rotation of oak ridge, etc. when the song plays it shows me the name of the song fine but the next song waiting to play only shows the name of the rotation file. Is there any way to display the name of the song or filename within the rotation coming up next so my announcer can pause the playlist, and announce the song?

Wolfgang Loch

2003-06-30 12:55:21

Re: dispay names in rotation

Rotations are most useful for full-automated, unattended operation. For live shows it would be better to know the exact songs in advance.

Maybe you can generate "real" playlists using rotations as templates? A Perl programmer could easily do this.

You can also use AirList to generate your playlists. It also uses sort of templates to create playlists after your specification.

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