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About codec and other stuff

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2003-07-01 13:37:28

About codec and other stuff

There is allways something to say!
I just put the new souncard( creative sb live 5.1) and raduga work like worst cd player. In the middle of the song just skip from one to another part. I dont know is there a problem with soundcard drivers (I have the latest) or wrong codec.
Speaking about codec when i try disable all codecs in device manager raduga stil playing!
How could i exchange mp3 codec for raduga?
And could you please give me the link for small program to test codec.
I tried with new instalation of win xp but.....

Wolfgang Loch

2003-07-02 00:49:34

Re: About codec and other stuff

Make sure that the Fraunhofer MP3 decoder is the default codec for MP3. This should always be the case for a fresh installation of Windows 98/2000/XP. Unfortunately some impolite programs from XingTech or Intervideo set themself as default MP3 decoder.

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