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Cheap Trick Wanted

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2003-09-11 08:54:48

Cheap Trick Wanted

Does anyone have an easy way to check your playlist for duplicate entries? I know you can open the playlist in a word processing program that, depending on it's capabilities, may be able to look for duplicates, but there must be an easier way.

If not, scanning for duplicate entries would be a very handy feature for the next version.

Charlie Davy

2003-09-12 13:57:38

Re: Cheap Trick Wanted

You could save the playlist as an M3U and open in WinAmp, then select Remove Duplicates.

Obviously you'd need WinAmp !

Best I can offer.


2003-10-02 06:41:23

Re: Cheap Trick Wanted

Why not download a shareware program called mp3Tag studio.
I use to check duplicates and to ensure my mp3's have there tag data completed
very good if you want to stream the titles of the tracks you playing on air over the net.

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