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Track skipping - but NOT to NEXT track...

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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James Laidler

2003-09-15 06:02:22

Track skipping - but NOT to NEXT track...

The problem we've been noticing with Raduga is that occasionally, after a few hours playing, the currently playing track will "jump" a couple of seconds ahead and continue playing as if nothing happened. I haven't had the problem of it jumping to the next track, so this one is puzzling me as no-one else seems to have mentioned experiencing the same thing.

We've tried it on two different machines (and it only occurs with Raduga, not PCDJ or Windows Media Player) - Win2000, WMP version 9, Sound Blaster Live! Coinicidentally, it's not a case of old drivers as the second machine we tested it on is only two days old!

Any ideas for a fix would be great!


Noel Roberts

2003-09-17 21:30:10

Re: Track skipping - but NOT to NEXT track...

We have been frustrated with exactly the same problem for some time now. We have done extensive tests on different machines, different music and commercial bases etc but the problem persists. Unfortunately there seems to be no particular pattern to the problem. :(

James Laidler

2003-09-19 07:43:34

Re: Track skipping - but NOT to NEXT track...

Oh! Thank goodness it's not just us! Does anyone on here have any solutions to this sporadic niggle?


Ashley-Kenneth Allen

2003-11-20 12:12:49

Re: Track skipping - but NOT to NEXT track...

I have the same problem, About every four hours, a song or sweeper will play for about 4 seconds then stop and immediately start playing the next event.

This is on two machines... with udpated everything, patched everything, etc.

Please advise.

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