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Mp3 Bitrates

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ken Martin

2001-11-11 16:00:07

Mp3 Bitrates

Is there a limitation on the bitrate for Raduga? Most of my MP3 files are encoded at 256, but they don't play correctly (Jumpy, stop and start type sound). Files encoded at a lower rate seem to bo OK. Any suggestions?


Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-12 14:38:54

Re: Mp3 Bitrates

I think there is a limitation in the Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 decoder (standard edition). I have the Professional edition and it plays all MP3 files up to 320 KBit/s.

I don't know exacly if the limitiation is a 224 or 256 KBit/s. But I doubt that you hear a difference in quality between files that are encoded with 192 or 320 KBit/s.


2003-03-17 15:39:43

Re: Mp3 Bitrates

ok how do you get a 64kbs mp3 to play on Radgua and windows xp ??

its frustating since most of our talk shows are done in this bitrate for live365 ...



Wolfgang Loch

2003-03-18 00:18:29

Re: Mp3 Bitrates

MP3 with 64kbit/s should play just fine. How did you encode them?


2004-08-21 12:45:42

Re: Mp3 Bitrates

256kBits doesn't work. I converted the file to 320 and it works. I also converted the file to 192 and it works again.

The 256 is the problem.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-08-21 15:02:33

Re: Mp3 Bitrates

Raduga 3.8.5 plays all MP3 bitrates, including VBR encoded files. I have just tried an MP3 file with 256 kBit/s in following environment:

- Raduga 3.8.5
- Windows XP Service Pack 2
- MP3 file encoded with Intervideo XPack for Windows Media Player

If it does not work on your computer, please specify your environment and send an example MP3 file to wolo@wolosoft.com.


2004-08-24 19:03:39

Re: Mp3 Bitrates

Raduga 3.6 doesn't work fine with 128 and 160K VBR files. It jumps after first 10 sec of some songs.

Any suggestions?


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