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Playlist to HTML and upload needed ASAP.

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ashley-Kenneth Allen

2003-11-20 11:56:58

Playlist to HTML and upload needed ASAP.

We stream online and I need a tool to publish to our website what the last three songs were that played and the next song that is coming up.

Check out this example at: http://www.usd.edu/kaor/log.htm
This is designed by BSW Wavestation. It works great. (I am however running RAduga loud and proud and it does not have this capability). Wolfgang, work your magic and design a program that will work with Raduga that can do what is shown on that website.

Your attention to this is greatly appreciated.

Goos Mante

2003-11-20 15:34:10

Re: Playlist to HTML and upload needed ASAP.

Same Here on my internet station www.poprockfm.com

Ashley-Kenneth Allen

2003-11-20 15:39:54

Re: Playlist to HTML and upload needed ASAP.

I want to say that this tool would be nice, but is not needed for me now that I know that I can upload the information to our Live 365 stream automatically! I never knew until today that this was available. It works great! I invite you all to visit listen to our live stream available at www.907ksdj.com and check out how our music that is playing is automatically updated.

Go Wolfgang,.. this is a great plug in!@

Goos Mante

2003-11-21 08:12:35

Re: Playlist to HTML and upload needed ASAP.

It is fine for live365 only internet stations who aren't working with live 365 carrier as mine station is it an problem so wolfgang it should be great that's an standard html output is availible on the next version ...

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