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New ?????

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2003-12-22 17:51:16

New ?????

For the new version several things.

Leds to control the level

Duration of every topic in the general Play list close to the title(degree) of the song or advertisement.

To erase(smear) or to mark the already famous topic.

Mas buttons of jingles.

At the moment of calculating the total duration of the list it(he,she) has a mistake of 3 minutes per hour.

For demas the raduga is a great program, to seeing if for the new version it was possible to include something.

Thank you

Wolfgang Loch

2003-12-24 02:12:43

Re: New ?????

Thank you for your suggestions, Tony.

> To erase(smear) or to mark the already famous topic.

I did not understand this one. Can you please explain
what you mean and why you need it?


2003-12-24 18:00:28

Re: New ?????

Hello again, my Englishman excuses I am Spanish.

When in the PlayList there is a list sounding serious well that the topic that already the raduga has reproduced was putting a point or mark since(as,like) does other programs (winamp, winMedia ...) or another option that could eliminate the song or already famous advertisement, I wait to have explained.

Thank you and we wait soon for the new version.


2003-12-28 06:59:10

existe t il des francophones qui utilisent radiga ?

Bonjour, y a t ils des radios francophones qui utilisent RADiga,

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