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raduga 3.5

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2001-11-22 08:07:00

raduga 3.5

When will the raduga 3.5 is coming available for download? What`s new in this new version of the software?

Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-22 14:33:25

Re: raduga 3.5

The news about Raduga 3.5 have been discussed extensively in previous articles on this board. You can use the search box on the left side to search for keywords.

To download Raduga, click on the Download button on the top of this page.

Chuck Conrad

2001-12-02 12:03:31

Re: raduga 3.5

I purchased 3.1 at the end of October 2001 with the understanding that my purchase included the upgrade to 3.5 when it was available.

I downloaded the demo version of 3.5 which seems to work fine, but when I try to install my license under the "help" button, the "license" key is shaded and will not open. I'm sure it is something very simple that I am just overlooking. Perhaps I was supposed to download just an upgrade version, but I did not find that option on your web site.

Your help would be appreciated.

Incidentally, I like the look of the new site. It is a huge improvement over the old one.


Wolfgang Loch

2001-12-02 12:18:29

Re: raduga 3.5

The Raduga 3.5 demo version does not accept a license key, because it should be used for evaluation purposeses only.

Please contact your reseller, Mr. Spry. He will tell you how to get the production version of Raduga 3.5 and he will give you a free update license.

Chuck Conrad

2001-12-02 15:39:33

Re: raduga 3.5

Unfortunately, the demo version of 3.5 overwrote my original licensed 3.11 version, so now all I have is a program that quits every 30 minutes and blabs enthusiastically about Raduga. I've tried reinstalling the 3.11 ini files, but all I get is 3.5. This is more than a "little inconvenient."

I realize that it was my own stupidity for letting it download to the existing folder called "Raduga" but I assumed that it would co-exist with my previous version and not wipe it out. It's an easy mistake. Any ideas on how to get 3.11 back so I can run this thing?

Others should take note to be very careful if you are currently running 3.11 and want to see what 3.5 looks like. Be sure to save it to a new folder!

Chuck Conrad

2001-12-03 18:59:40

Re: raduga 3.5

For what it's worth, both Bill Spry and Wolfgang came to my aid today, and all is now well. Thank you!

If you get curious about 3.5, (which is running very nicely for me at the moment) and you are a registered user of 3.11, be sure to load the 3.5 demo into a new folder. Otherwise it will wipe out your existing 3.11 system.

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