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Raduga Log to HTML Converter

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2001-11-24 03:15:42

Raduga Log to HTML Converter

Hi Wolf,

When i go to your page to convert my playlist i won't work. The log-file i have send to my domein even as my example. But nothing will works. What do i wrong?


Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-24 06:48:34

Re: Raduga Log to HTML Converter

Please send me the URL of your log file and template file.

Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-24 12:41:45

Re: Raduga Log to HTML Converter

On the Log to HTML Converter page (http://www.wolosoft.com/en/raduga/log2html.html) enter the URLs to your station's log and template file and press the 'convert' button. Then you can copy the URL from the result page and link to it from your station's homepage. Note that any special characters in the URL, including slashes and the colon, must be URL-encoded.

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