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Raduga 3.8 released

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Wolfgang Loch

2004-02-08 16:32:12

Raduga 3.8 released

The new version 3.8 includes many improvements that have been asked for by Raduga users. Now you can schedule events that run multiple times a day, but not every hour. You can even schedule text information for the on-air DJ. Scheduling events has never been easier.

Raduga now displays tags in MP3 and Windows Media files. The settings dialog can be proteced with a password. There are 2 free add-ins included: the well-known CurrentSong add-in and the new FtpUpload add-in for adding your current playlist to a web site.

More information about new features is found in the help file

Language packs for Raduga 3.8 are available for German, Swedish and French with more to come soon. Please note that older language packs will not work with Raduga 3.8.

Update prices
- Free for customers who purchased after February 9, 2003
- Users of Raduga 3.x save 50% of the license price
- Users of Raduga 1.x or 2.x pay the full price

Please contact your nearest Raduga distributor for details.


2004-02-08 18:29:19

Re: Raduga 3.8 released


When you click on the link to download the demo, it redirects you to Raduga 3.6 instead of 3.8.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-02-08 21:51:20

Re: Raduga 3.8 released

The download location has been updated. Thank you for pointing this out.

Henri Gelderman

2004-02-11 17:48:14

Re: Raduga 3.8 released

I'm trying to download Raduga 3.8, when I've given my name and E-mail adress and after that i'm going to the download area, than I get the message that the site is noty available.

Cal White

2004-02-18 14:47:46

Re: Raduga 3.8 released

I've just downloaded 3.8 and would like some quick info before I try to install it.

I understand it's free to anyone who purchased 3.6 after February 3, 2003 (which DOES apply to me), but I want to know how I get it registered. I don't want to install the demo on my on air machine and risk the Raduga nags going out and even my production machine (which uses 3.5 as I can't affford two licences) is to busy to play with (or risk the nag appearing when my DJs are producing shows).

Can someone let me know how to get it registered at the same time as the install?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cal White
Station Manager
Hawk Radio
CFWP-FM 98.3
Wahta Mohawk Territory
(705) 762 1274
admin /at/ wahta /dot/ com

Wolfgang Loch

2004-02-18 17:57:04

Re: Raduga 3.8 released

Don't install the demo version over an existing licensed version. That's because the demo is just a (fully functional) demo and it can't be activated.

Please contact your Raduga reseller to get the production version of Raduga 3.8.

Patrick Oliveira

2004-04-17 19:12:04

Re: Raduga 3.8 released

Por favor me mande a versão full do raduga 3.8!!!!

Please give-me the version 3.8 full of raduga , Thanks.

A Rádio Mundial Music Brazil 94.1 FM - NET Angra canal 20.


2004-05-31 18:55:30

Re: Raduga 3.8 released

please i want this version

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