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button panel

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Cor Houtjes

2004-03-26 08:33:05

button panel

Hello Wolfgang,

I know how to make a button panel to start/stop Raduga, but is it possible to start jingles with a home-made "button panel" ? (without using a joystick with firebuttons). In other words: Is there a helpfile which explains how to wire-up such thing?


Wolfgang Loch

2004-03-26 09:14:44

Re: button panel

If you have a Joystick or Gamepad with more than 4 buttons, then you should be able to use buttons 5-13 to fire up the 9 jingles.

But I don't know how to build such a gamepad. Maybe you can find this information in a PC hardware book.

Peter van Ingen

2004-03-26 10:11:35

Re: button panel

We have made the most simple solution.

Take an older keyboard where you can weld the buttons inside. Connect the wires to the control panel or your external buttonpad.

Works perfect!

mike great

2005-08-31 12:56:50

Re: button panel

Could help me on this?

What i need to get to connect the button painel to the computer? What kind of Joystick?

Pete Chapman

2005-09-26 11:42:35

Re: button panel

I still think this is one of the biggest things Raduga is missing... I'm surprised more people didn’t like the idea when Wolfgang suggested getting a keyboard purpose made...

O well


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