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Inside a song

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-04-25 12:38:25

Inside a song


Is it possible to inside a song in the playlist after the one thats playing without the drag & drop?

When i do it now i must drag it to the one thats playing. If you use a playlist for 7 days you must know what a work that is ;-).

It will be easyer to put it directly under the playing one.


Lisa Peterson

2004-04-25 19:44:28

Re: Inside a song

If you meant insert instead of inside then the answer is yes. Highlight where you want the song added and then right click on the mouse and select add tracks. Select the one you want and hit open. Or use the explorer window on the left. Go to where the song is and just drag it over to the right.


2004-04-26 03:06:30

Re: Inside a song

Highlight where you want the song added and then right click on the mouse and select add tracks. Select the one you want and hit open

It just start at the bottum of the playlist then you must drag it to the place where you wanna add the song.

It would be simpele to get a little screen where you write the song and add it on the place where you want it. Maybe a idea for the next version?

Noel Roberts

2004-04-27 22:39:58

Re: Inside a song

It would be nice if Raduga inserted tracks where the highlight bar is but it doesn't. It alwats adds them to the bottom of the list. This is a giant pain in the backside if you are working with a very long list.

We are hoping this might be a feature of some future edition.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-28 09:27:03

Re: Inside a song

In Raduga 4 there will be additional status markers for highlighting the currently playing and next cued song. The administration of the playlist (add/remove) will be independent of the these markers. You will be able select multiple items in the list - basically the editing logic will be the same as in the list of scheduled events in Raduga 3.8.2. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Peter Hines

2004-05-24 14:31:27

Re: Inside a song Why complain be constructive and suggest

Hey people,
We work in radio please remember Wolfgang doesn't he is a programmer, something that radio doesn't have the privilage off until now.

however Wolfgang is working towards a version of RADUGA i,e RADUGA V4 that meets the current requirements of Radio Broadcasting wheather Commercial or public or non-profit.

I've given some very helpful advancements towards it i believe instead of complaining ive advised what would be a benefit to all and so should you.
So if you want a better RADUGA then stop complaining and start suggesting

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