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Scheduling Question

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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William C. Walker

2004-04-27 18:06:15

Scheduling Question

I would like to schedule a different Instrumental song at random to play at 3 minutes prior to my Legal ID at the top of every hour.

Is it possible to create a Folder that contains say 100 songs that Raduga could pick at random to play as a scheduled event at :57 and then fade out at the top of the hour?

Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-27 18:23:59

Re: Scheduling Question

Yes, this feature was added in Raduga version 3.5. See the help file page "Playlist Items and Events", section "Random Track" at

You would schedule the random instrumental at :57 as non-immediate event. The station id at :00 is scheduled as immediate event. Therefore the instrumental fades out at the top of the hour.

Pete Chapman - Link Radio

2004-04-29 08:15:35

Re: Scheduling Question

I find the Random Option very patchy, on my ID folder it works, But on my Promo folder (set up the same) it doesnt.


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