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Raduga SDK Help

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Charlie Davy

2004-05-05 16:13:12

Raduga SDK Help

I've been looking through the Raduga SDK and wonder if I'm trying to achieve the impossible...

Using a neat little utility called WinTone, I can sense DTMF tones on a PC, which in turn triggers a file/program of my choosing.

Problem is, I have tried putting an MPL (for example) as the trigger output, but it loads a 2nd copy of Raduga. Obviously, this process takes about 5-7s, so I wonder if using the SDK, I can run a simple script to tell the currently "open" raduga to engage PLAY ?

I can probably live with this small delay, but on a remote PC, it'll end up opening 00's copies of Raduga every break.


Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-05 17:27:11

Re: Raduga SDK Help

In Raduga 3.8 the "Raduga.Application" object tries to connect to a runnig instance of Raduga or it starts a new instance if it's not running yet.

The following script will start a mini-playlist:

var app = new ActiveXObject("Raduga.Application");
app.Player.FileName = "C:\\MPL\\MyFile.mpl";

To execute the script save it as "test.js" and run it from the command prompt with "cscript test.js".

Charlie Davy

2004-05-05 17:45:06

Re: Raduga SDK Help

Thanks - Works a treat. I don't know why that you need \\ as a file-path indicator though!

Chuffed to bits, thanks for a quick reply.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-05 17:57:16

Re: Raduga SDK Help

The double-backslash is required, because JScript uses the backslash as quoting character. For example, if you want to have a double-quote within a string you must write:

WScript.Echo( "Hello \"World\"" );

The quoting is not necessary if you get the string from outside the script, for example as parameter or user input.

Charlie Davy

2004-05-05 21:57:56

Re: Raduga SDK Help


Managed to adjust the code:

var app = new ActiveXObject("Raduga.Application");

To kick Raduga into Play. This will then fire-off the next item in the playlist window.

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