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Automatic Telephone Interface

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2004-05-06 14:53:01

Automatic Telephone Interface

I’m looking for some way to automatically record telephone calls on our production computer, and have Raduga play that file as an event. It would get the file through our existing network. Currently, this is easy to do manually, but I need to automate it.

We would use this to air calls from several “stringers” who phone in reports throughout the day. These reports need to be automatically recorded and then played by Raduga at the scheduled time. Generally, they would be short features, like weather, stock market reports and funeral reports.

There is no problem setting up Raduga to play a file that’s on a remote computer, as long as you know what it is called. That’s easy. The problem is updating that file by telephone. Has anybody figured out a way to do this? I’ve tried a couple of PC based telephone answering machine programs that record OK. The problem is each call has a new file name, so it makes it impossible to schedule automatically. I need some way to overwrite the existing file, so it always keeps the same name.

There has to be a simple way to do it. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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