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A suggestion for raduga

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Peter Hines

2004-05-07 09:00:30

A suggestion for raduga

Hi Wolfgang,
great to see one of my suggestions included in raduga 3.8

now here is another one.

Here at our community station we have about 30 announcers who use raduga and play different genre's of music they want to be able to search the music library within raduga. I.E be able to type in a song or artist and a list with all songs or artist they type will be displayed then the click the one they want and it loads into the playlist.
The way it is done now the find to difficult as there mostly 50plus people who use it
I dont know how hard this would be but it would be a big benefit.


Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-07 19:40:22

Re: A suggestion for raduga

Please try the Raduga Song Selector

It finds tracks by genre, artist, or album and lets you add these songs directly to the Raduga playlist. The Song Selector uses the media library of Windows Media Player 9.

Let me know if that's what you're looking for. It could then be included in a future Raduga version.

Peter Hines

2004-05-08 02:25:22

Re:Song Selector

Hi Wolfgang,
Yes thats perfect if only you could tell it where the music library is and it searches that, instead of using the media library of Windows Media Player 9.

this would be a awesome feature for RADUGA 4



2004-05-08 07:49:06

Re: A suggestion for raduga

It's great but it will be place at the end of the playlist so again you must drag it to the place you want to have it.

It it not possible that the song selector put it just under the playing song?

We got lotts of request and then its a pain in the ass to drag the songs everytime into the place right under the playing song.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-08 08:14:13

Re: A suggestion for raduga

You can tell Windows Media Player where your files are located. Open WMP and go to
Tools/Options/Media Library/Monitor Folders
Media Player will automatically update the database by monitoring the specified folders.

And yes, it's also be possible to add files after the selection. Try SongSelector 1.1:

Btw. the RAC server would work basically the same. John, maybe your webmaster can use the code in the SongSelector.hta file to make it available on the web site.

Peter Hines

2004-05-24 12:17:53

Re: A suggestion for raduga

Hi Wolfgang,
I have now tested with serveral announcers over the age of 50 they loved it. we are about to upgrade to 3.8 but if raduga 4 is going to be released this year I will have a really hard time getting the funding for another upgrade we have 3.6 and two licenses so if I upgrade within the next 6 weeks and raduga 4 comes out say feb 2005 and there is a charge I wont get the funding as we are a non profit station. However I would rather delay the upgrade and keep helping you make raduga a better and more radio friendly automation system.

2MCR 100.3FM Campbelltown Australia

Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-24 12:28:26

Re: A suggestion for raduga

We have changed the policy on updates with Raduga 3.8. You will now get free updates for 1 year after the original purchase or after purchasing the last update. In addition we offer an update subscription service that costs much less than the normal update fee. Please contact Mr. Chriatian Burnat, our Australian distributor for details

Peter Hines

2004-05-24 13:44:53

Re: Another suggestion for raduga

No Probs Wolfgang,
Just got them email from,
Christian now.

However now time for another suggestion

I recently saw at work a "mini numeric keypad"
it is basically the right hand side of the
So look at the right hand side of the keyboard and imagine there is no other keyboard on the desk. How could this operate raduga? easy

the key functions are listed below.

Enter = Start/Play
* = Break/Stop
- = Up
+ = Down
. = Delete track
/ = Total Playlist Length

the number key are used as hotkeys
this style of keyboard is only available as a USB keyboard so if this can be added to Raduga 4 this would be a major enchancement


Peter Hines

2004-05-24 14:58:07

Re: A suggestion for raduga

to make this suggestion even easier here is a link that tells you how to do what i suggested


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