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HTML Output

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Goos Mante

2001-12-02 16:15:58

HTML Output

High Wolfgang,

Wanna know where I can find a html output for my website for Raduga. I run now studio 2.1 for it in stead but wanna know if in version 3.5 wich I recently bought from you where I can find a good working plug in to do it live.



Wolfgang Loch

2001-12-03 14:11:01

Re: HTML Output

There is a HTML output add-in that comes with the Professional Edition. However, it will only write a HTML to your hard drive. This works well when you have a web server on the Raduga machine.
If you don't have a permanent internet connection, then you will need to extend this add-in for file upload to a web server.

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