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playing "over" music

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Den Bigh

2004-06-16 08:52:09

playing "over" music

I have Raduga running in unmanned Auto-repeat mode and it is working great.
I would like to know if, and hopefully how, I can play jingles or short adverts/promos over a song? At the moment it has to wait until the song ends before playing the jingle or advert and as many songs are 4 mins plus I need to have the stores jingles, ads or promos more frequently. I tried using scheduled events but then each song was cut off which is annoying.
Ideally, like a live DJ, I would like to introduce these jingles during a song by having the volume of the song lowered and the jingle play, then the song volume rise to 100% again automatically.
Any ideas?

Den Bigh

2004-06-17 08:14:12

Re: playing "over" music

I guess there is no solution as there has been no reply, I think I was being optimistic.

Chuck Conrad

2004-06-17 14:11:32

Re: playing "over" music

As far as I know, Raduga doesn’t really do this, but here is a suggestion: Run two instances of Raduga, feeding two sound cards. (Or use two computers) One instance would have your music tracks, and the other would just have your scheduled events, jingles, liners, etc. By combining these into an outboard mixer with ducking capabilities, you could set it up so the voice over output causes the volume of the music track to “duck” (lower) when it comes on, and then return the volume of the music track to the normal level when the announcement is over. There are several mixers intended for background music and paging applications that would accomplish this quite well. Numark makes one, called the RM-6 that would fulfill your needs. It should work great for store-casting applications.

I haven’t tried running two instances of Raduga on the same computer, but I understand that it is possible, as long as you assign each one to a different sound card. Perhaps Wolfgang can elaborate on that.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-06-22 20:03:51

Re: playing "over" music

You can even run 2 instance of Raduga that use the same sound card. Of course you can't do the hardware 'ducking' in this case.

Den Bigh

2004-06-25 09:26:06

Re: playing "over" music

Thanks Chuck, I have looked at the mixer and I think it might do the trick. Wolfgang, any chance of a "fix" to be able to do this using the "ducking" effect with 2 instances of Raduga?

thanks guys


2004-06-30 21:02:39

Re: playing "over" music

If you're using a good, hard compressor, this it should work fine, without lowering the volume...

What you can do is put the songs in MPLs. Make the seg point of the song somewhere in the middle of itself, and make the second thing in the MPL a dry liner or something. Of course, you would only be able to have on thing play over the song... not more than one.

If I'm being a little too advanced or confusing, maybe someone else can explain better...

Den Bigh

2004-07-06 09:00:09

Re: playing "over" music

Hi Tommy,
I am not sure exactly what you are meaning. How do you make the "Seg" - what's that? Segue? and what is a dry liner?

Raduga User

2004-09-03 22:47:27

Re: playing "over" music

schedule event name "#.jingle" where "#" is the number of a "jingle" hot-key (assigned to the numeric keys 1-9)

this works in 3.8.5, although it seemed to produce a slight skip in the playback of the music that is playing "under" the "jingle"

the "jingle" should NOT have any music, just voice

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