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Raduga and Internet Radio...

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Alberto Mazzone

2004-07-06 00:14:50

Raduga and Internet Radio...

Does anybody know if I can use Raduga to make a Radio Station over the Net, and how?!...

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2004-07-06 18:00:53

Re: Raduga and Internet Radio...


Run Raduga and install Nullsoft ShoutCast DPS + Shoutcast DNAS Server ( www.shoutcast.com ). Set your PC to record the "Stereo Mix" or "What You Hear" and configure the server to suit - Help and examples are on the shoutcast site.

Obviously you'll need a broadband (adsl) connection and depending on how many listeners you'd like to broadcast to, a proper streaming provider.

The shoutcast software is free, by the way.

Goos Mante

2004-07-06 21:53:22

Re: Raduga and Internet Radio...

Just download the plugins for winamp and it works already 3 years without problems take a look on http://poprockfm.com (site only in dutch)


2004-09-01 14:35:27

Re: Raduga and Internet Radio...

Hi!. I have done this and it works perfect. I have my radio at shoutcast for more than a month.

But I still have open winamp,shoutcast server and raduga. Do you know if I can use only raduga and shoutcast server? Using raduga to upload the music names?


Dj Georgie

2004-09-08 00:29:01

Re: Raduga and Internet Radio...

I think that better is to download and install Shoutcast server and Simplecast from http://www.spacialaudio.com, because Simplecast can get the sound from the sound card and encode it to the Shoutcast server with a different formats and bitrates, MP3, Mp3 pro, Wma 9 (advanced) and ogg.

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