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Perl addin doesn't work

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-08-02 14:10:44

Perl addin doesn't work

i tried the perlscript :

sub Player_Start {
$Console->WriteLine( "..." );

but any message appears in the console :|
The same VBScript works properly:

Sub Player_Start
Console.WriteLine "..."
end Sub

I use Raduga 3.8. Where is the problem ?


2004-08-02 17:48:51

Re: Perl addin doesn't work

Moreover, no perl script goes... i installed ActivePerl

Wolfgang Loch

2004-08-02 20:30:04

Re: Perl addin doesn't work

Please note that the Perl scripts must have the file name extension ".pls". I can send you an working example add-in.


2004-08-03 11:34:38

Re: Perl addin doesn't work

I saw in the help of Raduga :
Executable (.bat, .cmd, .exe, .js, [.pl], .vbs)

I modified the ".pl" in ".pls" (in the register also) but nothing changed...


2004-08-03 12:08:39

Re: Perl addin doesn't work

i'v add the pls extension to activeperl and it now works properly :) thank you, i'm going to finish my script


2004-08-04 21:11:42

Re: Perl addin doesn't work

Hi, I have a problem with Wscript in perlscript (.pls)

This code :

sub Player_Start {
$Wsh = $Wscript->CreateObject("WScript.Shell");

return in raduga :

Can't call method "CreateObject" on an undefined value at (eval2) line2.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-08-04 22:14:10

Re: Perl addin doesn't work

try this:

use Win32::OLE;
$Wsh = Win32::OLE->new("WScript.Shell");

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