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Suggestion for future version

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Raduga User

2004-09-06 13:19:42

Suggestion for future version

I would like to see a "transition audition" mode for Raduga, that would play the last 10 seconds of a playlist entry AND the first ten seconds of the next one, so that you can "tweak" the overlap for the best results. Currently, you must do this by manually advancing to near the end of the track.

Also, it would be nice if you could set the overlap in the playlist without changing the file name. That way, if you have the same file appearing multiple times in a playlist, followed by different files each time, you could set appropriate overlaps for each instance, as required by the type of material following. For example, crossfading from a jingle (or an ID or liner with a music bed) into a song may be just fine, but if you are going into a commercial, leaving a small dead space may be more appropriate. Currently, you need to have multiple copies of the jingles and ID cuts, with different values following the "~" in the file name.

This may be asking a lot, however, as it would make the playlist into more than just a list of files to play; it would become a sort of a "program" or "script".


2004-09-23 08:34:23

Re: Suggestion for future version

that's the reason why other programs uses databases !

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