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Mixing the songs

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-09-08 00:15:50

Mixing the songs

Hello! Is there any way, software product or something which can helps me to setting up every song to start from the proper time for example if I want the first song to start from the 5th second and to stop at 4 minute and this for all songs. Thank you in advance

Wolfgang Loch

2004-09-08 07:00:29

Re: Mixing the songs

You could specify the start time for each and every song in the Raduga scheduler. However, that is not recommended practice.
It is better to schedule a separate playlists (.alb files) for every show at the time when the show begins, for example one playlist for every hour. Tools such as Airlist assist you in creating playlists for each hour using different genre rules for different shows.

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