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Playlists for few days

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-09-08 06:28:07

Playlists for few days

Is it possible to make a playlist to be played for 2-3 days which consists of 30-50 shorter playlists?



Wolfgang Loch

2004-09-08 07:06:49

Re: Playlists for few days

The Airlist tools helps you to set up playlists for up to one week using genre rules for different shows.

You find Airlist and other tools here:

Then you shedule the playlist files using the Raduga scheduler so that Raduga starts another playlist every hour for example.


2004-09-08 11:26:17

Re: Playlists for few days

Airlist is a must for Raduga users, very easy to create clocks, artist & title timeblocking etc etc.
Also if someone is interested - I wrote a script for Raduga to insert automaticly 1 hour playlists created with Airlist.


2004-09-08 18:18:38

Re: Playlists for few days

I am interested in this script. Can you give link for download?


2004-09-08 23:23:46

Re: Playlists for few days

Hi Georgie, here the script and like can may see, the playlists must be found in a subfolder of Radugas Installation folder called "Playlists" or you must modify the script.


Dim MyMsg
Dim MyTime, MyHour
Dim MyDay, MyMonth,NumMonth
Dim NewPlaylist

MyMsg = "Playlist update in progress ..."
Console.WriteLine MyMsg
Application.Statusbar = MyMsg

MyTime = Now
MyHour = Hour(MyTime)

If MyHour < 10 then
Dim TmpHour
TmpHour = "0" & MyHour
MyHour = TmpHour
end if

NumMonth = Month(Now)
MyMonth = MonthName(NumMonth, True)
MyDay = Day(Date)

If MyDay < 10 then
Dim TmpDay
TmpDay = "0" & MyDay
MyDay = TmpDay
end if

NewPlaylist = Application.Path & "Playlists\" & MyMonth & MyDay & MyHour & ".alb"
MyMsg = "Initializing " & NewPlaylist & " ..."
Console.WriteLine MyMsg
Application.Statusbar = MyMsg

On Error Resume Next
Application.Documents.Open NewPlaylist
MyMsg = "Playlist for " & MyMonth & "," & MyDay & "th " & " from "_
& MyHour & "h to " & MyHour + 1 & "h loaded at " & Time
Console.WriteLine MyMsg
Application.Statusbar = MyMsg



2004-09-09 00:25:34

Re: Playlists for few days

Thank's Volker. Now I will try this script.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-09-09 19:39:04

Re: Playlists for few days

You can also download this AutoPlaylist add-in including setup instructions from the 3rd-party tools page:


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