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Raduga AGC et plugins

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-11-12 11:57:42

Raduga AGC et plugins


I would need assistance to configure the plugins Raduga AGC, and équalizer etc... Thank you in advance for your assistance.



2004-11-14 19:33:39

Re: Raduga AGC et plugins

Hello vincent

Je pense que tu es francais ? si tu veux echangeons par email pour te donner un coup de main. Quels sont tes problèmes ?

In english :

What's your problems. Send me an email for french help beacause I think your french.


2005-01-17 08:18:40

Re: Raduga AGC et plugins

Sorry to say I was not at all impressed with the AGC plug-in unit Raduga is offering. It doesn't seem to control levels like I want them controlled. A rather wimpy AGC control. Furthermore, I was totally disapointed that it has no control whatsoever on satellite inputs from the external sound card input. This is one place where control is really needed. No such luck with this AGC plug-in.

robert media

2005-01-18 03:17:52

Re: Raduga AGC et plugins

Marv, you need a program that can use either direct x or vst plug ins from the line input

most of these programs (eg spinoff fx processor) uses ASIO 2.0 so you will need a sound card that supports these drivers and provide a very small latency factor as well. be wary of some VST plugin as they can be very very cpu intensive!!

jaime suarez

2005-10-30 22:39:14

Re: Raduga AGC et plugins

dame el plgin

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