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I'm still waiting

Posted on: Juke

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2001-11-16 11:14:43

I'm still waiting

Totally love the jukebox,,but waiting for next version that offers one track play.
WHY?? .I use juke (on stage) as my wave player,with all my backup vocals,(one man band),but it's a pain to remember to hit "end",so the song goes to bottom of list
and will stop.Please solve this problem and I
would gladly pay for the program, so would
thousands of musicians who are converting from midi to (studio) wave files.Believe me,
I have tried every professional player imaginable,juke is the best except for this one detail.Thanks for reading this,,
Sincerely:A most gratefull user.

Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-16 11:56:50

Re: I'm still waiting

As a professional user, you should try Raduga. It has a manual mode and a break key. I think this is exactly what your're looking for. In addition Raduga has up to 9 programmable jingle buttons.

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