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Syntax highliting without admin-rights

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2006-09-04 17:53:33

Syntax highliting without admin-rights


I cannot use Syntax Highliting, if I haven't admin rights.
Is there a workaround to use this feature, as a normal user?
(an Installation without admin-rights doesn't work too :/ )

sry about my broken english and thx for reply :-)


Wolfgang Loch

2007-01-08 23:19:34

Re: Syntax highliting without admin-rights

If you have installed SuperEdi as administrator, then all users can use syntax highlighting.

However, the default extension mappings are only set up for the user who installed it. Other users must map their file extensions to syntax definitions manually in the Tools/Options/File Types dialog. You could try to duplicate these settings by copying the registry branch
from mone user account to another.

If you want to write your own syntax definition files as restricted user without write permissions to the ProgramFiles directory, then you can copy SuperEdi.exe and the Syntax directory to your user directory and start it from there.

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