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(PL/)SQL Color Scheme

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Christoph Kersten

2009-04-01 12:39:18

(PL/)SQL Color Scheme

I am trying to build a color scheme for PL/SQL code. Looks easy - with one single exception: <package>.<procedure> (e.g. "htp.print") as keyword does not work. "htp" works, "print" works, so the dot seems to be the problem.
Any advice how a can get this to work?

Wolfgang Loch

2009-04-06 18:46:42

Re: (PL/)SQL Color Scheme

Did you try to include the "." character in KeyWordChars?

Christoph Kersten

2009-04-09 16:29:31

Re: (PL/)SQL Color Scheme

I did not know that I needed to do that. Tried it and -- it works as expected now. Thanks!

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