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Syntax-Highligting for ABAP

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2003-04-12 05:06:06

Syntax-Highligting for ABAP

is there a ABAP syntax scheme for SuperEdi ?
Regards Gert


2003-04-12 11:08:58

Re: Syntax-Highligting for ABAP

Not sure about ABAP but SuperEdi uses Textpad-style syntax definitions. See this thread:

Andreas Loch

2003-04-29 14:24:21

Re: Syntax-Highligting for ABAP

Since I am an ABAP programmer too I made these syntax and color definitinos for myself. I'll ask my brother Wolfgang to offer the necessary files on


Wolfgang Loch

2003-04-30 13:01:03

Re: Syntax-Highligting for ABAP

Thanks a lot. And here it is...

Thomas Hettenhausen

2007-04-11 14:09:14

Re: Syntax-Highligting for ABAP

I changed these files to use the same styles and colors as the new ERP2005 based internal ABAP editors. I uploaded them at...

Preview image can be found at...

If you want me to remove them because they are based on your work just notify me.


Andreas Loch

2007-04-11 19:57:09

Re: Syntax-Highligting for ABAP

Making the ABAP coding look like in the new ABAP editor is a great thing. :-)
Your work encourages me to take the next step, to start updating the syntax definition.

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