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Text wrapping

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Christian Flatscher

2004-08-09 15:50:45

Text wrapping


I am wondering to whether SuperEdi v3.3.1 allows to do automatic text wrapping, i. e. I want e. g. that the text in the editor always wraps around after eg. g. 70 charcters.

But I also want that the file is then saved exactly in the way I have set the word wrapping, i. e. it should not exceed the 70 characters or whatever I have set as the limit for text wrapping.

Can anyone tell me on how I can enable this feature or if this feature exists?



Wolfgang Loch

2004-08-09 16:07:14

Re: Text wrapping

This feature does not exist.

Christian Flatscher

2004-08-10 09:06:43

Re: Text wrapping

Thanks for the response, Wolfgang.

It'll be nice if this additonal feature could be included in the next release of SuperEdi.


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