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start-up... floppy drive

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2004-09-22 22:18:15

start-up... floppy drive

i hate that when i start superedi, it checks the floppy for files or something... and it gets on my nerves considering that there's nothing ever in my floppy drive... and the little box comes up and says "insert disk into A: drive".... then i have to click cancel. I love using superedi, but that really annoys me a lot, so how can i stop it from doing that?

Wolfgang Loch

2004-09-23 21:24:56

Re: start-up... floppy drive

The floppy status is checked by Windows Explorer to show the correct icon.

Actually I had disabled my floppy drive in the BIOS since 2 years and never missed it :)

But now I have enabled it again for you to reproduce this issue. I'll try to find a better solution soon.

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