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DDE timeout

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Fr. Gary Coulter

2004-10-21 14:35:17

DDE timeout

I'm using SuperEdit 3.4 with Windows NT

When I try to open text files by right clicking on them and then selecting "Edit with Superedit", I get a message: "Failed to initiate DDE with Superedi(Timeout)". Then if I try it a second time, it works perfect. It also works if Superedit is already running. But the first time, I always get this error.

Is there a fix for this problem?

Wolfgang Loch

2004-10-21 20:13:11

Re: DDE timeout

The timeout is set to 5 seconds. If SuperEdi does not complete its startup in this time, the shell extension will abort the request. If the computer is slow or busy this can easily happen. When you try it a second time, the startup will be faster, because program files and DLLs are already loaded into the disk cache.

The easist fix is to start SuperEdi from the Sart menu for the first time. After that you can open files using the Exporer/Open With SuperEdi.

I'm going to extend the timeout to 10 seconds for the next SuperEdi version.

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