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WOLFGANG Email address

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe Josh

2005-09-13 00:07:32

WOLFGANG Email address

HI Wolfgang,

Could you please send me your email address?

Also, does audio on Windows Media Player play at the right speed? I think it may be a little slower than it should be. I think my Adobe Audition plays them bakc a little faster. COuld this be?

Sincerely Joe

Wolfgang Loch

2005-09-13 16:18:54

Re: WOLFGANG Email address

My e-mail address is: wolo@wolosoft.com

Regarding audio speed, I never had a problem with Windows Media Player. I must admit that I did not compare it to Adobe Audition. If you think that the speed is wrong in either player, send a bug report to the respective company - or to both if you like ;-).

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