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Intro's of files jumping

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Sephan Kent

2005-10-01 00:26:19

Intro's of files jumping

We continue to be plagued by a problem which is causing us great concern.

We operate Raduga files from a server and on 2 studio machines.

At times when you hit the "P" button OR use the mouse to fire a file it starts the file a micro or is it mili (second) into the file.

So a Commercial that starts with "Dont Forget tommmrow" will end up sounding like "nt forget tomorrow".

Whats causing this and what can we do to stop it?

Bill Spry

2005-10-01 23:55:24

Re: Intro's of files jumping

It is your soundcard. The workaround is to add .35 seconds of silence to the beginning of each file.

Stephan Kent

2005-10-02 01:28:38

Re: Intro's of files jumping

Do you know how long it will take to add 35 seconds of silence to teh beginning of 8000+files

And if its the sound card why did you recomend we purchase this sound card when we first enquired about converting our system over to Raduga.

We purchased exactly what we were advised to purchase from Server to Studio PC's including all the hardware etc

Bill Spry

2005-10-02 01:54:44

Re: Intro's of files jumping

In Audio Grabber you can specify to keep the first .35 seconds of silence when ripping. It is not a Raduga problem. It is a soundcard problem.

c burnat

2005-10-02 08:02:36

Re: Intro's of files jumping


What sound card are you using?

Stephan Kent

2005-10-02 10:48:30

Re: Intro's of files jumping

Christian, We are using the card you recomended soundblaster live.

Also, if its a sound card problem how come it didnt do it when we first installed Raduga?

Christian I spoke to you about this problem ages ago and you suggested we should wind back acceration which we did, however suddenly it has started all over again.


Pete Chapman

2005-10-02 17:30:39

Re: Intro's of files jumping

I think you may have a problem with the server, we had the same problem for a few weeks, baffeled out tech team too. im not sure how we fixed it, i think it was because some of the files had been moved, then put back where they were, but raduga struggled to find them again, resulting in the problems you have listed.

sorry i cant help any more than that


Noel Roberts

2005-10-03 00:08:32

Re: Intro's of files jumping

Hi Stephan

We are using Soundblaster Audigy Platinum Plus soundcards and we've never had any problems like you describe.

We are running 4 different networks under Raduga with almost 12,000 music files - but we choose not to store the music on the server. Mainly because you're putting all your eggs in one basket and if the server goes down, so does all your music. Instead we have four different music databases on four different machines allowing for a fair bit of redundancy.

Could the delays you're experiencing be caused by network congestion?

Are all your other files stored on the network and if so, do they suffer the same delay?

And if the problem wasn't there when you first installed Raduga, what are you doing differently now?

If you need some help - give me a call - we're in Aspley, Brisbane (3863 8900). We've been running Raduga for about 3 years now and we've got the hang of it pretty well, I think.


c burnat

2005-10-03 01:52:15

Re: Intro's of files jumping


Same here. For example, we have a station running 2 automation system running 24/7 and 10 workstations producing the material played on air from 4 studios using Raduga. Material is produced, stored and replayed from the network using WIN2K and SME/Linux servers. All workstations are WIN2k/SP3 and in some case SP4, with SoundBlaster Live. We have not experienced any issues as you describe in 4 years.

Some thoughts:

1) It would be good eliminating server/network issues, just to be on the safe side. Can you load your playlist on a local machine and check if the problem persists?

2) Run DSplay and post results on this forum, it may tell us something. To find DSplay, do a search on this forum, there are at least 8 posts with links to FAQ and repository for the utility.

3) How did you install your cards, drivers only? Or did you install the whole of the SoundBlaster applications?

4) What else have you install on the PC? Please give us a list of all applications found on the box. For example, if you have installed Xing codec, have you installed the Xing player?

5) Which version of Media Player are you using?



2005-10-29 06:14:39

Re: Intro's of files jumping

why my raduga 3.8.6 is not working properly. The raduga's promo will playing automatically. what i can do ? Can I hide the raduga's promo ?

c burnat

2005-10-29 06:42:08

Re: Intro's of files jumping

You cannot "hide" the raduga promo on the demo version. If you are looking for "cracks", beware: they are usually associated with virus and other nasty things you do not really want on your computer. Buying a licence is the best course of action.

gerrie k

2005-10-29 19:09:00

Re: Intro's of files jumping

try the raduga AGC Plugin and run not to much applications at time that raduga runs
i,ve had the same problem ,i'm running my music database from my server,and raduga from a workstation,try raduga with his ohn hdd

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