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Unexpected silence

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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P-O Gustavsson

2005-10-02 20:44:25

Unexpected silence

Sometimes when Raduga plays a big mp3-file the sound will cease, but the position slider moves on. When the next file starts the sound will be back again. Where to start the fault localization?
I´m using:
Win 2000 prof swe
Raduga 3.8.5 swe
Media player 7.1
M-audio AP192 soundcard

Wolfgang Loch

2005-10-03 08:26:28

Re: Unexpected silence

Which MP3 encoder did you use and with which settings?

For example, if you use the LAME encoder with 256 kbit/s, make sure to specify the command-line option --strictly-enforce-ISO.

See also

P-O Gustavsson

2005-10-03 20:06:12

Re: Unexpected silence

Lame 1.30 256kBit/s, but I don´t know anything about the other settings. (I don´t produce the actual files).

P-O Gustavsson

2005-10-05 04:11:06

Re: Unexpected silence

I try to re-encode the problematical mp3-files. Now it seems to work properly!

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