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Jesse Archer

2005-10-22 08:44:27


Hi there,

We are looking at Airlink as a Studio to transmitter link.

Could the following be answered:

- Can it stream to a server, where multiple servers could pick this up (i.e. 3 different transmitter sites) and what extra server software would be needed
- Whats the latency like?
- What format does it stream in - i.e. mp3, wma?


Bill Spry

2005-10-22 11:14:57

Re: Airlink

You can stream to multiple sites with one TX and by purchasing additional RX's. The delay is typically 5-10 seconds and the stream is wma.

Joe Josh

2005-10-28 17:23:54

Re: Airlink

what is RX as was mentioned in this diascussion? jj

Bill Spry

2005-10-28 18:21:56

Re: Airlink


Jeremy Brasseal

2014-07-09 05:30:35

Re: Airlink

I am interested in Airlink for use as a way to get audio from the studio to our transmitter. I already have a streamer set-up at the studio (I believe it is Shoutcast) and is sending out a stream over a static IP. Would it be possible to just purchase an Airlink receiver to place at the transmitter site to receive the audio? I am happy with the performance of our current streamer but really like the features that come with the Airlink receiver.


2014-07-09 20:48:03

Re: Airlink

Jeremy Brasseal let me contact you i have to speak with you


2014-07-10 22:28:22

Re: Airlink

Ok johnny. You can email me at Jeremy@wztqradio.com


2014-07-10 22:30:30

Re: Airlink

Ok johnny. You can email me at Jeremy@wztqradio.com

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