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NEW raduga 3.8.7

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe Josh

2005-10-28 03:15:07

NEW raduga 3.8.7

HI Wolfgang,

We are very interested in the new raduga 3.8.7 as the random feature that prevents repeats is something we very much need.

Here's our dilemma. If we download it and put it in the hard drive/directory that is currently being used for Raudga, will all our
saved settings (schedules/playlists/mini-playlists... etc,) be over-written?

We plan to stop the program download the new program ... run live random CDS for a short time while we set up the program and then resume running with the upgrade with all our previous settings.

Can this be done?????????

Sincerely,, Joe

Wolfgang Loch

2005-10-28 17:07:50

Re: NEW raduga 3.8.7

Don't uninstall the previous version! If you install the new Raduga version into the same folder where Raduga is currently installed, it will automatically pick up all settings.

Depending on which version you currently have, you may need to load a new license file or exchange the USB dongle. Over all the downtime for the upgrade should be less than 5 minutes.

Do you have any Raduga add-ins that were made for Raduga 3.5 or 3.6? You may need update them as well.

Joe Josh

2005-10-28 17:19:09

Re: NEW raduga 3.8.7

hi i have version 3.8.5

what do you recommend i do? joe josh

Wolfgang Loch

2005-10-29 18:12:50

Re: NEW raduga 3.8.7

Contact your Raduga reseller and provide him with your Raduga registration data (found in the Help/About Raduga dialog).

If you bought version 3.8.5 less than 1 year ago, you should qualify for a free update. Your Raduga reseller will provide you with the download data for the production version.

The update procedure itself will take only a minute. Remember not to uninstall the previous version.

Wolfgang Loch

2005-10-29 18:14:26

Re: NEW raduga 3.8.7

PS: Do not install the Raduga 3.8.7 demo version on your production system!

viorel sima

2008-04-22 13:35:02

Re: NEW raduga 3.8.7

vreau sa imi registrez progrmamul raduga si am nenoie de programul intreg nu de varianta demmo.eu lucrez in radio si sintobisnuit sa lucrez numai cu el.multumesc anticipat

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