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Re: Playing and scheduling Jingles

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2005-11-18 00:59:01

Re: Playing and scheduling Jingles

Dear Raduga Users,

I've got a question: How do I schedule jingles, that won't sound "over" the music, so just like:
1. Music
but than in random mode.

Les Antink

2005-11-18 22:58:54

Re: Playing and scheduling Jingles

Use "mini playlist" to hold the jingle and a silent auduo file. Record a silent mp3 or other file of the same length of your overall fade point tim, for example if your overall fade point is 6 seconds then record 6 seconds of silence, call it say 6SECsilence.mp3, place it in mini playlist with jingle behind it, "set overlap point" of the jingle to ~0 This mini playlist can be used at random with all audio in Raduga without overlap.

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